Naughty Nurse: Detroit Lions off life support

Naughty Nurse: Detroit Lions off life support

The Detroit Lions had their Matt Millen removed four years ago and the their vital signs have improved dramatically since then. In fact, our Naughty Nurse of analysis took the former sad-sack franchise off life support in 2011.



Recipe for a Wildcard Streak

Recipe for a Wildcard Streak

Can the victors of Wild Card weekend finish with three more victories to lift the Lombardi trophy after Super Bowl XLVI? Here are the requirements for making a wild card run. How do the Saints, Giants, Texans and Broncos stack up?


Wild Card Recap: Top Ten Performances

Wild Card Recap: Top Ten Performances

Here are the standout performances from the four games that took place on Wild Card weekend.

Detroit Lions: 3 Burning Questions, Playoff Edition

Detroit Lions: 3 Burning Questions, Playoff Edition

The Detroit Lions are in the playoffs for the first time since the 1999 season. Their ability to do more than play on Wild Card Weekend will depend on their ability to answer these three questions.