Nostrathomas Predicts: Week 1 of the NFL Season

Nostrathomas Predicts: Week 1 of the NFL Season

The 2015 NFL season is ready to kick off and the great Nostrathomas is ready to take on the challenge of predicting the outcome of every game from Week 1 to the Super Bowl after years spent meditating in the basement of a local hardware store.

While some seers use crystal balls, others are entranced by tea leaves, and a minority swear by stirring through used coffee grounds, Nostrathomas sifts through beer vat leavings. The powerful visions these produce, along with Quality Stats from Cold, Hard Football Facts, and other information nuggets are fused to create the insights found below.

Remember, these predictions are for entertainment purposes only. If you lose money you have only yourself to blame and should have listened to your mother about the evils of gambling. If you win Nostrathomas encourages sharing as a way to enlightenment.

Thursday Night

Pittsburgh Steelers @ New England Patriots -7.5

Since the news hit that Tom Brady’s suspension had been overturned and he would be starting Week 1 against the Steelers the axles on the Patriots’bandwagon have been bent so far they’re scraping the road. The storyline, be afraid NFL because Brady is about to rip you a new one is everywhere…

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 Pro Football Hall of Fame Shame: Jerry Kramer Not Honored Yet

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The Terrible Ten Week 12: The Race for the No. 1 Pick

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The Terrible Ten Week 10: The Race for the No. 1 Pick

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Nostr-Thomas Predicts: The NFL Week 10

The week began with a surprise victory by the Minnesota Vikings over the Washington Redskins on Thursday Night Football. The rest of the league is heading down the backstretch of the season as the postseason scenarios begin to sort themselves out.

It’s time to pick the remainder of the Week 10 NFL slate.

Detroit Lions @ Chicago Bears -1

Jay Cutler returns this week after recovering from his groin injury suffered Week 7 against the Redskins. The Bears have won seven of the last eight games against the Lions played at Soldier Field. Look for at least one turnover by the Lions against one of the top turnover creating defenses in the league.

Bears cover in a tightly played game.

Seattle Seahawks -5 @ Atlanta Falcons

This one’s not going to be nearly as exciting as last year’s divisional round playoff game. The Falcons have struggled to a 2-6 record and are facing a Seahawks team that may not be winning as dominantly as they did in 2012 but is still 8-1.

Seattle throws a blanket over Matt Ryan’s targets and cover on the road.

Philadelphia Eagles @ Green Bay Packers -1

Aaron Rodgers’ broken collarbone puts an entirely different spin on this game. Still, the Eagles aren’t playing the Raiders’ defense this week and the Packers are running the ball with Eddie Lacy better than they have in years. Along with what Seneca Wallace can give them after a full week of practice should be enough.

Packers cover at home.

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Tennessee Titans -12

The Titans get to feel like one of the big boys this season as they take a 12 point advantage at home in their game against one of the worst teams in NFL history. The Titans can play defense. The Jaguars can’t play anything.

Titans cover and feel good about themselves for a week.

St. Louis Rams @ Indianapolis Colts -9.5

Kellen Clemens has kept the Rams in the two games he has started so far but he’s facing one of the hottest teams in the NFL this week.

Colts win but the Rams keep it closer than 9.5.

Cincinnati Bengals -1.5 @ Baltimore Ravens

The Bengals are taking control of the AFC North. The Ravens have lost 4 of 5.

The Bengals win and cover on the road.

Buffalo Bills @ Pittsburgh Steelers -3

The Bills are playing tough and get E.J. Manuel back as their starting quarterback this week. The Steelers have earned their 2-6 record this season. The question is how low can they go.

The Bills win as underdogs on the road.

Oakland Raiders @ New York Giants -7

The Raiders are 3-5 but not playing as well as their record. The Giants are 2-6 but playing better and coming off their bye week.

The Giants win and cover at home.

Carolina Panthers @ San Francisco 49ers -6

The Panthers are playing some of the best defense in the NFL but they’re stepping up in competition against the 49ers and playing them on their home turf.

The 49ers win but the Panthers keep the game within 6.

Houston Texans @ Arizona Cardinals -2.5

Case Keenum has played very well at quarterback against a team that’s strong defensively but has trouble moving the ball on offense. The Texans win and cover.

Denver Broncos -7 @ San Diego Chargers

San Diego keeps this closer than the touchdown spread at home but don’t have the guns to defeat the Broncos.

Dallas Cowboys @ New Orleans Saints -6.5

Saints are world-beaters at home but 6.5 is more than they’ll be able to cover against the Cowboys.

Miami Dolphins -2.5 @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This might be the Buccaneers best shot at winning a game this season but home has not been a friendly place for them this season.

Miami keeps Tampa Bay winless plus covers.


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