Buffalo’s Hogs Crush Detroit 17-14: Autopsy of an Upset

Buccaneers Shock the Steelers 27-24: Autopsy Of An Upset

Although there were more dominating wins by a couple of underdogs on Sunday the Buccaneers surprised by hurting the Steelers where they live.

While Buffalo hasn’t been pushovers in 2014, few considered them to have any chance against the Lions at Ford Field. Detroit had already dominated the New York Giants and Green Bay Packers at home this season but one hidden statistical trend suggested they might be in for a tougher time on Sunday than expected. Detroit was on a four game losing streak at home to AFC competition and since 2010 had lost six of eight (now seven of nine for all you Jeri Ryan fans).


The Terrible Ten Week 6: The Race for the No. 1 Pick

The Terrible Ten Week 6: The Race for the No. 1 Pick

Since Week 4, taking you into the sub-basement to shine light on the worst collections of talent the NFL has to offer. Surprisingly it’s getting tougher, not easier, to sort through the NFL’s mediocre to find only 10 of the truly awful that the NFL has to offer.