Nostrathomas Predicts: Week 3 of the NFL Season!

Nostrathomas Predicts: Week 3 of the NFL Season!

Considering that favorites were dropping all over the NFL in Week 2 Nostrathomas was thrilled to finish the week 9-7 straight-up and 8-8 against the spread. Record for the 2015 season is now 22-10 straight-up and 21-11 against the spread.

Week 3 presents nine teams that will be attempting to stay undefeated, nine that will be attempting to win their first game of 2015 and a few that will try to keep their playoff dreams from dying until the leaves fall.

Remember, as always these predictions are for entertainment purposes only. If you lose money you have only yourself to blame and should have listened to your mother about the evils of gambling. If you win Nostrathomas reminds you that generosity is food for the soul…

Nostrathomas Predicts: Week 2 of the NFL Season

Nostrathomas Predicts: Week 2 of the NFL Season

Who the man? Nostrathomas the man! Nostrathomas can talk big after going 13-3 both straight-up and against the spread in Week 1.

As for this week, everyone starts Week 2 back at 0-0, unless you missed on Thursday night’s game, which, in that case you start 0-1

Thursday Night

Denver Broncos @ Kansas City Chiefs -3

Nostrathomas had no faith in Peyton Manning’s ability to win in Kansas City after his dismal performance against the Ravens. Even though Manning put up 256-yards passing and an 86.9 Passer Rating, Nostrathomas stands by that analysis. Manning was shot-putting passes all night. (Are receivers allowed to call for fair catches?)…

Cardinals Rout the Cowboys in Dallas: Autopsy of an Upset

Cardinals Rout the Cowboys in Dallas: Autopsy of an Upset

That Tony Romo has been carrying the Dallas Cowboys this season should have been common knowledge. It became obvious after Sunday.

The Arizona Cardinals had the best record in the NFC but were only No. 17 in theQuality Stats Power Rankings going into Sunday’s game in Dallas against the Cowboys. Dallas has been as high as No. 8 in the power rankings this season so it wasn’t unreasonable to see them favorited by four points.

The problem is that point spread would have made a quick U-turn if news that quarterback Tony Romo’s back injury would prevent him from playing had broken earlier than the morning of the game…

Top 10 NFL Players That Desperately Need A Reality Show

Top 10 NFL Players That Desperately Need A Reality Show

Every now and then it’s necessary to write something just for fun. Now that football season is over, it’s time to spice up the programming on the NFL Network. Time for them to catch the latest television trend.