Top 10 Most Memorable NFC Championship Games

Top 10 Most Memorable NFC Championship Games

The Championship Sunday showdown is set in the NFC with the Green Bay Packers preparing to invade Seattle to face the Seahawks. The winner gets the ultimate NFL prize, the chance to represent the conference in Super Bowl XLIX.

With an exciting NFC game on the menu for Sunday let’s enjoy an appetizer and look back at 10 of the most memorable AFC Championship games…

Chicago Bears 2012 Schedule Breakdown

Chicago Bears 2012 Schedule Breakdown

Will the addition of Brandon Marshall and Michael Bush to the Chicago Bears’ offensive attack push them over the top into a playoff spot this season? Here’s a game-by-game look at the 2012 schedule.


2012 NFL Mock Draft: Chicago Bears Pre-Draft Strategy

2012 NFL Mock Draft: Chicago Bears Pre-Draft Strategy

With Phil Emery still very new to Chicago and barely settled in I, Tom Pollin, long time fan and Cold, Hard Football Facts Bears beat reporter, volunteered to assist with draft preparation.


Naughty Nurse: Chicago Bears Body-Cavity Exam

Naughty Nurse: Chicago Bears Body-Cavity Exam

CHFF’s Russian mail-order Naughty Nurse checks the statistical vital signs of the Chicago Bears. While the patient may still look healthy, but she found some problems as her penetrating pigskin probe slid deeper under the surface.


Bold Predictions: Chicago Bears

Bold Predictions: Chicago Bears

These predictions are made by a professional predictor on a test course with a safety crew standing by. Do not attempt such leaps of faith and logic at home on your own.

Chicago Bears: Most Pressing Offseason Needs

Chicago Bears: Most Pressing Offseason Needs

Now that he is in position as the new Chicago Bears general manager, Phil Emery has a big job ahead of him to make up for a decade of poor Draft picks that has left the team with a lack of depth.


Bears Team Report: Last hurrah for 2011(in 2012)

Bears Team Report: Last hurrah for 2011(in 2012)

The Chicago Bears were able to find a way to finish the season with a win over the Minnesota Vikings. The last positive they can take from the season? They played hard and didn’t quit. But now they can quit.


Bears Team Report: Clearing the NFC Playoff Picture

Bears Team Report: Clearing the NFC Playoff Picture

The Green Bay Packers have declared to the NFC that any path to the Super Bowl goes through Lambeau Field. The Chicago Bears declared that they’re ready to prepare for 2012.


Bears Team Report: Christmastime In Lambeau

Bears Team Report: Christmastime In Lambeau

A month ago, football fans were making Christmas plans around this showdown between two playoff-caliber teams. Now, at least there’ll be a football game to watch while the kids play with their presents on Christmas night.


Chicago Bears 2011 Review: Top 5 Stories of The Year

Chicago Bears 2011 Review: Top 5 Stories of The Year

The Chicago Bears year has been a wild ride between the highs of playoff contention to the lows of being ready to watch the playoffs on television this January. Here is a look at some of the good, and the bad, that has made up 2011 for the team.