Chicago Bears Preseason Wrap: The Good, Bad & Ugly

Chicago Bears Preseason Wrap: The Good, Bad & Ugly

The Bears finished the 2015 preseason with a 3-1 record but as always in training camp, past performance is not always a good indicator of future results. Due to draft failures of the past two general manager administrations, Jerry Angelo’s and Phil Emery’s, the Bears have been relying on the free agent market to fill holes. This has led to this team being one of the oldest in the NFL.

The Bears currently also lack talent and depth at key positions as John Fox heads into his first season as head coach but there are also some positives though to look forward to. Here’s a look at a few from both sides of the equation…


Chicago Bears 2015: Five Questions Heading Into the Preseason

Chicago Bears 2015: Five Questions Heading Into the Preseason

The Bears have made wholesale changes in their front office and coaching staff after the train wreck of a season that 2014 became.

For 2015 the Bears have brought in veteran coaches with track records of success. One aspect of this season’s team is unquestioned, they will no longer look like figures on the surface of an electronic football game, buzzing and scattering all over the field while opponents slice through untouched.

What are the questions that need answering for 2015? Here are five the preseason schedule will go a long way in answering…

The NFC North’s 10 Most Indispensable Players

The NFC North’s 10 Most Indispensable Players

The NFC North sent two teams to the postseason in 2014 and the Green Bay Packers came within two minutes of their sixth Super Bowl appearance.

With training camps about to start around the league here’s the early look at the 10 players the teams in the NFC North can least afford to lose if they expect success in 2015…

2015 NFL Draft: Initial Grades for the NFC North

2015 NFL Draft: Initial Grades For The NFC North

The NFC North spent the 2015 NFL Draft getting stronger, at least until this latest crop of college prospects takes the field to prove they’re ready to play on the professional stage. With that said, it’s time for an initial grade on each team’s efforts.

The 10 Worst Draft Day Trades In NFL History

The 10 Worst Draft Day Trades In NFL History

In the offseason schedule the NFL Draft is the event that generates the most hope in fans. Free agency brings in players that team followers hope will improve a team’s playoff chances but the draft brings in a collection of talent that all hope will be the turning point in their team’s success.

Over the years trades have become an integral part of draft day activities. Teams may have their eye on a player but aren’t in position to draft him, may be pursuing an established player at an important position, or may trade down to receive more picks and add depth to a roster.

Some teams will win but there’s always the chance that one will set back their rebuilding efforts like these did…

The Top 10 Greatest NFL Head Coaches of All Time

The Top 10 Greatest NFL Head Coaches of All Time

On the surface, compiling a list of the 10 all-time greatest NFL head coaches sounds fairly easy to accomplish. There are 22 coaches enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. That group can be reduced to a top 10 list but that option leaves a couple of important names out of consideration.

Judging solely on the basis of regular season or playoff wins short-changes coaches who built their careers in first 40-years of the NFL when 12-game schedules were the norm and the only playoff was the title game between the winners of the Eastern and Western Divisions to.

What earns a coach a place as one of the 10 greatest is on-field success combined with leadership ability, talent for innovation and their continuing impact on the NFL…

Pro Football Hall of Fame: Which Finalists Get Busted In 2015

Pro Football Hall of Fame: Which Finalists Get Busted In 2015

Tonight the Pro Football Hall of Fame selection committee announces the 2015 induction class from a list of 18 finalists. According to the rules the hall can elect a minimum of five and a maximum of eight for enshrinement each year.

Only five candidates will be selected from the 15 Modern-Era finalists. Add in the two Contributor Category finalists, Bill Polian and Ron Wolf, plus the one Senior finalist, Mick Tingelhoff, and there could easily be eight new Hall of Fame inductees wearing gold jackets next August.

Who will be the in the group introduced to fans at the Super Bowl tomorrow night? Here’s the rundown from least to most likely…

The Top 10 Boneheaded Moments of the 2014 NFL Season

The Top 10 Boneheaded Moments Of The 2014 NFL Season

Bad plays and physical mistakes are going to happen to every team and player in the NFL at some point. Colin Kaepernick fumbling on the one-yard line against the St. Louis Rams or botched coverages on defense are terrible breaks but also part of the game.

Bonehead moments are the face-palm, “D’oh!” acts that leave you shaking your head in wonder. The difference between this past year and others is just as many of those moments came from off-field events as during games…

FN “Monday Morning Huddle”: Top Seeds Advance on Championship Sunday

FN “Monday Morning Huddle”: Top Seeds Advance on Championship Sunday

Football Nation proudly presents its 31st episode in season three of “Monday Morning Huddle” with host Dave Holcomb. This episode features two guest stars in Bleacher Report Featured Fantasy Football Columnist Dave Guidera and FN Senior Writer Tom Pollin.

With the top seeds from each conference advancing, home teams finished 8-2 in the 2015 playoffs. Both guests provide their takes on the weekend’s action along with Super Bowl predictions. In addition to that, Guidera and Pollin give excellent insight into the coaching hires in Denver and Chicago…

Top 10 Most Memorable NFC Championship Games

Top 10 Most Memorable NFC Championship Games

The Championship Sunday showdown is set in the NFC with the Green Bay Packers preparing to invade Seattle to face the Seahawks. The winner gets the ultimate NFL prize, the chance to represent the conference in Super Bowl XLIX.

With an exciting NFC game on the menu for Sunday let’s enjoy an appetizer and look back at 10 of the most memorable AFC Championship games…