The Greatest NFL Undefeated Teams of All-Time

The Greatest NFL Undefeated Teams of All-Time

In the NFL record book there are two categories of streaks, Most Consecutive Games Won and Most Consecutive Games without Defeat, which acknowledges an NFL era when ties were a more common occurrence.

Completing an undefeated season is the Holy Grail for NFL teams and only one has attained it. To remind fans  of their accomplishment, that 1972 Miami Dolphins team pops open the bubbly to toast their achievement every season when the final undefeated challenger has fallen.

In 2015, five teams entered Week 7 without a loss, the Cincinnati Bengals, Denver Broncos, New England Patriots, Green Bay Packers and Carolina Panthers.

Carolina endured as the last team standing until they stumbled to a 20-13 Week 16 loss to the Atlanta Falcons which halted their season-long march at 15. That number puts the Panthers second in the NFL record book for most consecutive games won in a single season but falls short of the remarkable streaks put together by the following teams. These are the greatest NFL undefeated teams of all-time…