Link: Nostrathomas Predicts: Week 1 of the NFL Season

Nostrathomas Predicts: Week 1 of the NFL Season

The 2015 NFL season is ready to kick off and the great Nostrathomas is ready to take on the challenge of predicting the outcome of every game from Week 1 to the Super Bowl after years spent meditating in the basement of a local hardware store.

While some seers use crystal balls, others are entranced by tea leaves, and a minority swear by stirring through used coffee grounds, Nostrathomas sifts through beer vat leavings. The powerful visions these produce, along with Quality Stats from Cold, Hard Football Facts, and other information nuggets are fused to create the insights found below.

Remember, these predictions are for entertainment purposes only. If you lose money you have only yourself to blame and should have listened to your mother about the evils of gambling. If you win Nostrathomas encourages sharing as a way to enlightenment.

Thursday Night

Pittsburgh Steelers @ New England Patriots -7.5

Since the news hit that Tom Brady’s suspension had been overturned and he would be starting Week 1 against the Steelers the axles on the Patriots’bandwagon have been bent so far they’re scraping the road. The storyline, be afraid NFL because Brady is about to rip you a new one is everywhere…

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