Lions Overrun The Bears: 5 Things We Learned

Lions Overrun The Bears: 5 Things We Learned

The Detroit Lions started slow but rode a 27 point third quarter to a 40-32 victory over the Chicago Bears.

Nostr-Thomas Predicts: Week 4 Edition

The NFL will be a quarter of the way through the season after this week’s games. One game has already been played but here’s the word on how the rest of this weekend’s slate plays out.

Thursday 9/26

San Francisco 49ers at St. Louis Rams

Sure you say, it’s easy to pick games three days after they’ve been played but I did have the 49ers going into this game. The Rams are only now beginning to realize they could have had an RGIII. Instead, they’re stuck with Sam Bradford.

Sunday 9/29

Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions

Does the Bears’ defense take another turnover to the house today? The opportunistic defense they unleashed against the NFL last season has continued in 2013.

The key to the success of the Bears’ offense will be the match-up between DT Ndamukong Suh and RG Kyle Long. For the Lions, Matthew Stafford still has Calvin Johnson but will miss having Nate Burleson on the field.

The Bears improve to 4-0 with a win in Detroit.

Baltimore Ravens at Buffalo Bills

Joe Flacco finally played to his new contract last week against Houston but the Ravens scored two non-offensive touchdowns Texans committed 14 penalties.

E.J. Manual has done well learning on the job in Buffalo. The Bills are 1-1 at home with that loss being a hard-fought game against the Patriots.

This is my upset special for the week. The Bills win another tight game at home.

Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns

The Browns gutted out a win against the Minnesota Vikings last week but their playing the best team in the AFC North today. The Bengals extend their record to 3-1.

New York Giants at Kansas City Chiefs

Can the Chiefs jump out to a 4-0 record after a 2012 shipwreck? The real question is whether Eli Manning can keep from having another multiple turnover game. He can’t and the Chiefs will.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Minnesota Vikings

I’m sure the NFL thought they had a playoff caliber game in this one when they shipped it off to London. Instead they export one of the stinkers of the week. Which team avoids dropping to 0-4 on the season. The Vikings are starting Matt Cassel in place of Christian Ponder and have enough defense to shut down big Ben.

Arizona Cardinals at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Josh Freeman was still the starter for the Buccaneers on Monday. Mike Glennon is their starter today. Where else can Greg Schiano screw up his team next week. The Cardinals fly home as winners after this game.

Indianapolis Colts vs Jacksonville Jaguars

The Colts dominated the 49ers on San Francisco’s home field last week. The Jaguars may be the worst team in football. Colts are feeling real good about their 3-1 record after this game.

Seattle Seahawks at Houston Texans

The Seahawks have shot out to the start that says Super Bowl contender. The Texans have looked like anything but a Super Bowl contender so far this season. The Seahawks continue their domination of the NFL in 2013.

New York Jets at Tennessee Titans

The Jets are 2-1 behind an inconsistent Geno Smith. The Titans have the defense to hang on for a win at home.

Philadelphia Eagles at Denver Broncos

The Eagles’ defense has sucked air in the second half of their first three games as their high-octane offense continues full speed ahead. Their in Denver this week which means the sideline oxygen tanks better be full.

Washington Redskins at Oakland Raiders

The Redskins are winless but the Raiders are still the Raiders and that’s enough for Washington’s first win of the season.

Dallas Cowboys at San Diego Chargers

The Cowboys continue their fast start and jump out to a big enough lead on the rest of the division to make their late season choke that much more dramatic.

New England Patriots at Atlanta Falcons

The Patriots haven’t blown anyone away yet on their way to 0-3 but the Falcons have been worse on their way to an 0-2 start. The Patriots pick up another wind for the AFC over the NFC.

Monday 9/30

Miami Dolphins at New Orleans Saints

A battle of two undefeated teams and the first of a potential three consecutive undefeated teams for the Saints. The Dolphins are an improved team but New Orleans is not the place they want to be playing at this point in their development.


Stepping Into My Future As A Football Writer

I officially became a published writer on October 11, 2011 when my article recapping the Detroit Lions‘ victory over the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football posted on the website Cold, Hard Football Facts. In my head I was always a writer but even in the internet age when instant publishing became the norm for thousands, I hadn’t come to the point of taking the step of writing for publication.

It wasn’t until I was out of work for the first time in over 13 years in a very unfriendly job market that opportunity knocked me as silly as Frank Gifford felt after being annihilated by Chuck Bednarik.

I was reading the latest articles on the Cold, Hard Football Facts site when one of the headers caught my attention. They were looking for fans who would be interested in covering their favorite teams as beat writers. Each would contribute a game preview and recap article for publication each week using the site’s Quality Stats as the basis for analysis.

I was, and still am, a long-time fan of the Chicago Bears (no, I will not tell you how long-time). I not only followed them on the field but consumed every scrap of information I could find about the team’s history. That passion to learn the game quickly extended to other areas from the intricacies of its play to the history of all of professional football and it’s teams.

I had nothing to show my ability as a writer except the copy I had produced as part of my responsibilities in my previous job along with the email I sent expressing my interest in being a part of the team. Kerry Byrne, founder and publisher of Cold, Hard Football Facts, took a chance on me anyway and for that I’ll always be grateful.

The catch was that he already had a writer covering the Bears beat, but he needed someone to write about the then 4-0 Detroit Lions. Their next game, which would be the basis for my debut article, was their first appearance on Monday Night Football in a decade…against the Chicago Bears.

My postgame recap article (How About Them Lions? 5 Things We Learned) picked up over 1,000 page views and I was hooked. The following week the Bears beat opened up which I jumped at, but with the Lions playing at a level Detroit hadn’t seen for a decade I continued to write previews and recaps for their games as well.

Later in the season I began contributing to the Football Nation site and now, close to two years later, I’ve published 200+ articles for both. While I look forward to writing and publishing with them for them for a long time to come I felt it was time to begin a separate blog site.

There are short pieces, one or two paragraphs long, of thoughts or opinions I would like to write that wouldn’t fit as well, or achieve much visibility on Football Nation. This page gives me a forum where those articles can be presented.

Also, while my complete list of my articles are archived, they are separated between the Football Nation and CHFF sites. This blog currently links to 90 of those articles and, as soon as it can be accomplished, will link to all of my work, along with new articles as soon as they’re published.

One added benefit to setting up this site is I’ve revisited work I haven’t read in a long time. While I gave my best effort to make every article the best it could be, I can see now how I could have improved each one. My hope is, in another two years I’ll be looking at the articles I publish this year and be saying the same thing.

There is only one reason why I would ever leave writing behind me for other pursuits. If I ever look at my work and believe I’ve made it. That I’ve achieved a mix of style, rhythm and language use that I could in no way improve upon. In other words, I’ll never stop writing.

Bears vs. Steelers Sunday Night Showdown: 3 Bold Predictions

Bears vs. Steelers Sunday Night Showdown: 3 Bold Predictions

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Bears Survive Vikings Raid to Win 31-30: Five Things We Learned

Jay Cutler hit Martellus Bennett for a 16 yard touchdown pass, his last of three for the game, in the final seconds to give the Bears a 31-30 victory over the Minnesota Vikings.

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Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears: 3 Bold Predictions

The Chicago Bears look to build on their Week 1 triumph over the Cincinnati Bengals while the Vikings attempt to recover from their thrashing in Detroit against the Lions.


The Bears Fight Back to Beat the Bengals: 5 Things We Learned

The Bears Fight Back to Beat the Bengals: 5 Things We Learned

The Bears awarded Marc Trestman with his first win as an NFL head coach, 24-21 over the Cincinnati Bengals at Soldier Field in Chicago.

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Chicago Bears Preseason Recap: 5 Biggest Disappointments

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